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With this portfolio, which can be easily downloaded and examined in detail, we have created an impressive digital portfolio by transparently displaying our experiences, talents and projects. You can review it or download it if you want.

MEGATON® [We in Brief]

MEGATON is a unit of mass measurement worth one million tons, and small values cannot be measured with megatons.

We are pursuing mega projects and ideas with our Turkey and Netherlands offices to bring mega power to our brands. We work in the television broadcasting and film industry, as a cartoon producer, industrial animation studio, production agency and full service agency, but we cannot be categorized.

By demonstrating our mega power in the field of design, software and animation in the projects we have implemented in the traditional and digital fields, we realize the first and followed projects in their field and of course, we constantly improve.

Which Countries Are We In?

We Serve Many Countries Around the World. You can also benefit from our advertising efforts by meeting.

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