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2D Animation

Siz Hayal Edin, BİZ ÇİZELİM

2D Visualization

We prepare products, services and illustrations of a story for digital and print (magazine, storybook, catalog).

2D Animations

As 2D animation, we describe products, companies and educational content with watchable and effective drawings.

2D Wall Designs

Office, cafe, school etc. You imagine the walls of the spaces, we draw them

2D Motion Animation

We prepare a video with a diagram consisting of info graphics describing your product or subject to be used in digital media.

2D Animation

One of the most effective media areas that can be used to promote an application, product, company promotional film or a service is 2D visualization. As MEGATON, we can explain your product, service or a subject you want to tell in the field of 2D visualization in the most effective way to the audiences you want to reach with 2D visualization and 2D animation, beyond your imagination.