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About Us

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About Us

MEGATON is a unit of mass measurement worth one million tons and its small values cannot be measured in megatons. Here, we are pursuing mega projects and ideas with our Turkey and Netherlands offices in order to bring mega power to our brands.

We work as Television broadcasting and Film industry, cartoon producer, industrial animation studio, production agency and full service agency, but we cannot be categorized. By demonstrating our mega power in the fields of design, software and animation in the projects we have put into practice in the traditional and digital fields, we realize the projects that are the first in their field and that are followed, and of course, we are constantly improving them.


Professional Team, Quality Content

We conduct detailed research before starting our projects. We listen to our customers, try to understand their expectations, and strive to be informed about their products and services. Then, we create a comprehensive knowledge base by examining our customer’s competitors and the industry related to our project.


We make a business plan taking into account the research and customer expectations. Our main goal is to meet real needs. Our planning focuses on originality and innovation, and we avoid unnecessary details.


After planning, we start working on the project with customer approval by approaching it from a customer-oriented perspective. Using our experience, we effectively implement accurate research and planning results.


After implementation, we evaluate the project with analytical criteria. Success is based on objective criteria such as sales increases and contribution to brand value. It is our principle to share honestly with our customers the successes and difficulties of our work.

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