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Outdoor Designs

Megalight Advertisements

Bring your brand to the sparkle of the city with Megalight ads. Attract your target audience's attention with impressive designs.

CLP Advertisements

Increase your brand awareness on the streets with dynamic and modern CLP ads. Reach your potential customers and make an impressive first impression with animated billboards

Billboard Ads

Reach large audiences with billboard advertisements on the main arteries of the city. Highlight your brand with large-sized and impressive designs and leave a permanent mark.

Station Ads

Promote your brand with stop advertisements in the heart of urban transportation. Increase your brand awareness by targeting heavy traffic and passengers.

Outdoor Designs

As MEGATON, we offer creative and impressive solutions in outdoor advertising design. We realize your campaigns with large-scale and impressive visuals that will highlight your brand in the heart of the city, at points that will not go unnoticed by consumers. Leave an unforgettable mark outdoors with MEGATON